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Emotional Support through Breast Cancer: The Alternative Handbook, by Dr Cordelia Galgut


Emotional Support through Breast Cancer: The Alternative Handbook
ISBN: 9781846199363; Radcliffe Health, London UK; £5.99; September 2013


"It's fantastic that it's written by a psychologist who is able to use her own experiences. The list of do's and don'ts is very useful. The poem is thought-provoking. The 'dip in and out' facility widens the potential audience. It makes excellent use of personal quotes." - BMA

This compassionate guide presents an array of new perspectives on the emotional effects of breast cancer and includes many personal testimonies from women who have been diagnosed with this disease.

The author shares practical ideas to help support sufferers at all stages, be it at diagnosis, during treatment or during life after the initial treatments are over.

Concise and easy to read, this book’s format includes exercises to develop an acceptance of thoughts and feelings, whilst the individual accounts validate the multitude of emotions felt by sufferers.

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"Patients Diagnosed with primary breast cancer looking for perspectives on the emotional effect of the disease will find this handbook concise and easy to read. The author, a psychologist, provides advice from two viewpoints: healthcare professional and patient.
The myth-busting sections are informative and there are practical ideas to support patients. Some sections may also be useful for those with secondary disease. This book is a reminder for healthcare professionals working in breast cancer of the long-term emotional effects of the disease."

Karen Wingfield - lead lymphoedema specialist, Dewi Sant Hospital, Pontypridd - Cancer Nursing Practice Magazine

"Survivorship is a sadly neglected area of the cancer journey, and Cordelia addresses the subject in a forthright, honest and insightful way. Many patients feel cast adrift by the system following treatment without the support and skills to help them navigate the emotional impact that their illness has had on their lives. Cordelia puts into words what many women feel but are unable or discouraged from expressing, and I hope this will not only help them but also their families and friends who struggle to know how to help. The physical and emotional effects of cancer treatment can be long lasting and this needs to be more widely acknowledged and provided for than it is at present to enable women to begin to rebuild their lives"
Jane Saunders - Counselling and Bereavement Manager, Macmillan Midhurst

"Hearing the diagnosis of 'breast cancer' is shocking and the emotional impact is often devastating. Dr Galgut is a practising counselling psychologist and knows this at first hand. In 2004, aged 49, she was diagnosed twice — once in each breast. Her book offers a different perspective from many others about the emotional effects. She gives practical tips on how to cope, with strategies to improve communications with families and friends and with health care professionals. She gives you permission to feel angry and fed up. She advises nearest and dearest not to say 'it's time to move on'. Eleven years ago I, too, was diagnosed with breast cancer and the book's enlightened comments and suggestions are very helpful and relevant to me still. I wish I'd had it by me then."
Joy Ogden - author of Understanding Breast Cancer, John Wiley

"I have been impressed by this small, but perptive book entitled 'Emotional Support Through Breast Cancer', by Dr. Cordelia Galcut. Published in October, 2013, it is a handbag sized, small volume (just over 70 pages long). It was recommended to me by someone recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
What I like about the book is that it gives an informed perspective into the emotional world of the woman with breast cancer..and some practical ideas to support her through the various stages of her cancer experience. Written by a psychologist, who has had breast cancer herself... it gives first­hand accounts and personal testimonies to help the reader identify with the emotions described.
It's an inexpensive book, which is good...but my only slight criticism are the blurry, somewhat repetitive photos used to illustrate it...however, the content is what people buying the book will be interested in, and that does not disappoint.
If you, a family member or a friend have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, I can recommend this book. It also covers all stages of the breast cancer journey, and the immense emotional impact this may be having. Reading through the book should help acknowledge that the intensity of emotions felt are normal, and understandable. (I think women could also pass the book to their partners for an insight into the 'feelings' aspect of a breast cancer diagnosis).
As a former breast cancer nurse specialist, I would have liked to have this book on hand in our clinics, to help everyone have an understanding breast cancer's psychological impact...including my professional colleagues."

Susan Long - Cancer Support Specialist, Maggie's Online Centre.

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The Psychological Impact of Breast Cancer: A Psychologist’s Insights as a Patient, by Dr Cordelia Galgut


The Psychological Impact of Breast Cancer: A Psychologist’s Insights as a Patient
£14.99, Radcliffe Publishing, 2010

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Breaking the Silence: lesbian clients speak out about their experiences of counselling and psychotherapy, by Dr Cordelia Galgut


Breaking the Silence: lesbian clients speak out about their experiences of counselling and psychotherapy
Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010 (ISBN: 978-3-8383-4810-00)


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